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For content creators and influencers receiving 10+ brand offers monthly
For solo talent managers of content creators and influencers
For talent marketing agencies with their own creator roster

How does it work?

Select an offer
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Select offers which you have received in the last 72h of later

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All you have to do is forward us the email

Get 5% of the campaign budget

Get $5 instantly for every fresh offer submitted within 72 hours. If Sqaud.App signs a deal with the brand, you'll earn 5% of the campaign budget.
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Get $5 instantly for every fresh offer submitted within 72 hours. If Squad.App signs a deal with the brand, you'll earn 5% of the campaign budget.
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Mike Dee
1M+ YouTube Creator, CEO of Playstack
One of the biggest problems with being a creator is monetizing the content we create. Finding companies that will sponsor our content is difficult and time-consuming. And that's where SquadApp comes in.

I've been using SquadApp for the last 4 months, and it's created another significant source of passive recurring revenue. Meaning I can focus on creating content, while SquadApp helps me monetize.

That's why I'd recommend any creator who is looking at ways to create new revenue streams to sign up to SquadApp.


Who can join the Squad Partner Program? Is my account eligible?
To be eligible, you need to meet the following criteria:

- Have an active account on at least one of these platforms: Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, with at least 100,000 followers.
- Your content must be in English.
- You must confirm you receive at least 10 brand offers per month.
What types of offers qualify for the $5 reward? Are there any restrictions?
While Squad.App rewards you for many brand offers, we do have some limitations to ensure the program's integrity and responsible use:

Ineligible Offers:
- Spam: Offers from unreliable sources or with misleading content.
- Non-monetary payments: Offers with rewards like free products or CPA (cost-per-action) models.
- Restricted activities: Offers promoting products or services related to alcohol, smoking, weapons, drugs, pornography, or anything potentially illegal or unethical.
- For a complete list of restricted subjects and details, please review our Terms of Use.
How will I know if my referred offer is eligible to receive 5% of the campaign budget?
If Squad signs a contract with the brand and launches a campaign based on your referred offer, you will receive 5% of the campaign budget. Keep track of the current stage by checking the campaign status (in progress, negotiations, campaign launched, campaign completed) in your Squad.App account. We will also notify you of updates via email and in the notification center in
Can I still participate if I have multiple commercial emails where I receive offers?
Yes. If you manage multiple commercial email addresses, you can easily connect them to your Squad account using our "Alternative Emails" feature. This ensures all offers you submit are eligible for rewards.

Note: Offers submitted from unconnected email addresses will be automatically rejected by our system.
Can I join the partner program as an talent manager?
Yes, absolutely. The program welcomes creators, talent managers, and agencies who manage an influencer's commercial email accounts. This allows you to submit offers on their behalf and earn rewards together.
When will I receive my partner program rewards?
All rewards earned through the partner program will be visible in the "Wallet" section of your Squad account. Once your total balance reaches $100 or more, you can withdraw funds using any available method, such as PayPal or wire transfer.

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