We make you
money from
the boring stuff

through AI solutions
and automation tools
Launch a Campaign

Most of your work
should be automated

Streamlined brief creation
Connect with each one personally
Ask for prices and get answers
Check their real statistics
Negotiate the prices
Make a brief
Sign all the documents with each of them
Manually track their posts in social media
Find ways to make payments
Get all the data from creators
Prepare a report
And many more...

Automate to be better, faster,
and richer than your competitors


Get Paid for All
Inbound E-mails

We have thousands of creators to take the ones that aren’t good for your clients, and you’ll get paid


Simplify Payments
and Invoicing

Worry about executing the campaign. We’ll handle the annoying payment stuff.


Real time analytics for you and your clients

Don’t pay for expensive analytics platforms. We have the real time data to ‘wow’ your clients.


Less Grind, More Money,
Happier Clients

Our AI and automation tools give you the ultimate advantage in talent management. Signing, brand deals, execution, stats, and payments all on one platform.

Launch a Campaign

Launch a Campaign