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SquadApp streamlines and turbocharges influencer campaigns in a powerful, efficient, seamless platform.  Discover, Match, Contract, Provision, Deliver, Pay and Measure.
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To Launch influencer marketing campaign in today’s world, you need:

Lengthy brief requirements
Negotiate and Transact with each creator individually
Validate the creator's stats and status
Negotiate and sign individual contracts
Manually track creator drafts and posts
Figure out how to pay across a variety of platforms and currencies
Get performance data
Develop and deliver reporting and analysis
Creator by creator, campaign by campaign, market by market

SquadApp makes
influencer marketing




Curated community of creators
Matching engine (Rating & scoring)
Ready-made brief templates
Crystal clear fees
Deep analytics reports 24/7
Payments & docs

Influencers are the most effective and fast-growing part of the marketing equation


Influence marketing
industry in


Projected influencer
marketing spend in


higher ROI compared
to traditional
marketing methods
Start to work with work with influencers more efficiently and effectively
Launch a Campaign

Activate it

for your company

Start your influencer marketing campaign faster & easier

Our ready-made briefs simplify campaign and technical task preparation to just a few clicks.

AI picks up the best featured creators

By combining Artificial Intelligence and advanced automation technology, SquadApp provides the best creator collection to fit all your brief needs, at the fastest speed in the market ― often within 48 hours.

Fully automated Paperwork

All troublesome, time-consuming paperwork & payment process with creators are now automated. Save a huge amounts of time & effort.

TRACK. Analyze.

Get overall campaign results and detailed information on each creator.

Book a Live demo

After your submission, one of our managers will set up a call with you to demonstrate the platform.
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Unlock Inventory and Increase Reach




Collaborating with creators is still a highly manual, unpredictable, and time consuming process.

SquadApp helps brands make it easy. We pair a network of reliable and high quality creators with platform automation, to get any campaign off to a smooth launch. All creators have a public rating, so you can verify detailed statistics and other brands feedback.


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How does Squad.App ensure the authenticity and credibility of influencers?
How does Squad.App select the right creators for advertising campaign?
Does Squad.App provide any analytics or reporting features?
How can I contact the support team at SquadApp for assistance or inquiries?
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How much does it cost to use Squad.App?
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