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Connect with influencers worldwide and attract attention to your brand through social media audiences.

With SquadApp, influencer marketing is easy and scalable for SMEs, Agencies, Non-profits worldwide. Test new markets, promote products and activities, track statistics, make payments, and more – all in one window.

We reinvent



with smart engine integration and let creators be ambassadors of brands that they truly love

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Our team comes from traditional marketing agencies. We worked with brands and influencers. An understanding of the complexities of working with both sides of this dynamic is what brought us here. The main difficulty we encountered was efficient scaling of the manual working process.

Our team has developed a platform with integrating AI, here you get a one-stop shop for all tasks when launching an influencer marketing campaign. We can help you scale up companies seamlessly and work with influencers more easily from the beginning till the end.
Marketing Director SEA Region
Head of Sales
Head of Product
Chief of operations
Business Development manager
Chief Marketing Officer
Head of Design
Jack Shutov

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Our team

We are always open to meeting creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you work with influencer marketing today, and want to improve it for tomorrow, we would like to hear from you. Contact us if you would like to collaborate.
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