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Dramatically increase discovery, impact and monetization for creators. Increase power and efficiency for brands.  Unleash social media inventory globally to drive growth and change the world.

With SquadApp, influencer marketing is easy and scalable for SMEs, Agencies, Non-profits worldwide. Test new markets, promote products and activities, track statistics, make payments, and more – all in one window.

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Our team comes from traditional marketing agencies. We worked with brands and influencers. An understanding of the complexities of working with both sides of this dynamic is what brought us here. The main difficulty we encountered was efficient scaling of the manual working process.

Our team has developed a platform with integrating AI, here you get a one-stop shop for all tasks when launching an influencer marketing campaign. We can help you scale up companies seamlessly and work with influencers more easily from the beginning till the end.
Marketing Director SEA Region
Head of Sales
Head of Product
Chief of operations
Business Development manager
Chief Marketing Officer
Head of Design
Jack Shutov

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is driven by 3 engines

Creator scoring engine
SquadApp’s proprietary big data AI algorithms crawl, score, vet, and categorize creators worldwide, daily
Verifies reach, engagement, content focus, sentiment, growth, geographic footprint, frequency, etc.
Brief matching engine
SquadApp’s proprietary Matching Engine scores and ranks creators for fit with Campaign Brief objectives
Product category/content focus, reach against target, power/efficiency of creator to move followers to action, etc.
Campaign pricing engine
Proprietary AI price discovery algorithms analyze and project potential reach, engagement, conversion and ROMI for given level of campaign spend


Hire an AI assistant to create a successful campaign
for brands, creators, and non-profits who want to launch campaigns with just one click.
Use SquadApp as a SaaS solution to automate your internal processes
for agencies that have their own database and want to automate their manual workflow
Lease out your inventory of bloggers and earn extra revenue
for brands, creators, and non-profits who want to launch campaigns with just one click.
Invite influencers through our referral program and earn rewards
for individuals with a large network among influencers, refferals complete campaigns and we offer a reward through a revenue sharing model
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Anthony Adamovich
Co-Founder and CEO
I am a serial entrepreneur with experience in over 14 businesses, and I know that marketing is a crucial component for any project. For last years influencer marketing has proven to yield great results in ROMI, however it is like a dark hole - difficult to find, launch, and control. That's why the idea for SquadApp was born. Today, SquadApp is leading the charge to make influencer marketing more transparent and accessible for all.

Our Team

Our team combines experienced marketers from global agencies with deeply skilled mathematicians and engineers from Big Data, algorithmic development and scaling and virtualization manual processes.
We bring powerful tools to solve the myriad challenges facing Brands and Agencies seeking creators, and vice versa.


Our team

We are always open to meeting creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you work with influencer marketing today, and want to improve it for tomorrow, we would like to hear from you. Contact us if you would like to collaborate.
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