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We know you've spent years carving out your identity on the internet. We know you've built a community of trust, but has it paid off? Maybe not.
Or should we say, not yet.

Meet Squad,
the one-stop platform
to monetize your passions

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Brand integrations are by far the most promising source of income for creators. Now you can finally get your slice of the pie!
Squad onboards world-favorite brands that need new ambassadors to reach more people.
You get the chance participate in campaigns you like. Access to marketing budgets and ink deals, headache-free.

Share your success with your community

Your community is what determines your success.
Squad introduces new gamified brand integration formats. Every time your fans interact with the content you create, they get tangible rewards.
you post original content
your fans engage
with it
everyone gets rewarded

Cater to your

Build a space for your most active fans. Connect with them beyond likes and shares.
Squad fosters direct user-to-creator communications and payments with Web 3.0 tech stack. Explore new formats, develop new relationships with fans, and add tailor-made revenue streams with a few simple clicks.
Exclusive content & drops
Phygital (soon)
Simple patronage models
Tip jars
Fan engagement
1х1 interactions
On-demand content


Social platform

Game hub

Guilds performance tools

DeFi multichain marketplace


A free NFT-gaming edu-platform aimed at increasing player’s loyalty and retention rates

Financial instruments

Fundraising platform

NFT factory

Analytical services


Advertising platform for influencers game marketing

Start simple,
start NOW

The first campaigns from some of our favorite brands are waiting for Squadders.
Build an interactive integration and enjoy the feeling of being rewarded for your creativity.


1. Choose your brands
Squad regularly adds new brands. Make sure to check offers regularly!


2. Choose your quests
Integrate brand content and share gamified experiences with your followers on your favorite social platforms

Q1 2023

3. Earn together with your fans
The more interactions your quests get, the more you earn. Your fans will be rewarded for their participation, too

Q2 2023

4. Build up your profile
Every integration gets you closer not just to financial rewards,  but also to the Spotlight - our rankings where more brands and squadders can discover you
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