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Squad.App is Now Partnered with REACH

September 28, 2023

In a strategic alliance, we are poised to establish ourselves as the leading player in the Gen Z-dominated creator economy sector and accelerate the social impact of the new generation.

We’re happy to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with REACH that promises to significantly enhance our influence within the creator economy sector and deliver top-tier influencer marketing solutions in the United States.

Reach is the foremost student organization in the U.S. specializing in digital marketing and social media, boasting a nationwide network of over 2100 members in 44 universities. Our collaboration will empower brands to effectively, transparently, and swiftly launch influencer marketing campaigns, simplifying engagement with the Gen Z audience and top-tier universities across the United States.

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Squad.App. As a student organization, our primary goal is to deliver unique value to as many students as possible. Partnering with Squad.App not only enables us to expand our reach among students but also allows us to offer our value to brands seeking influencer marketing in a newly efficient way.”

said Dylan Huey, CEO of Reach & President of USC Reach Chapter.

Current advertisers and partners of Reach, including industry giants such as Coca Cola, HBO Max, Warner Bros, and many more, will now have the capability to expand their influencer marketing efforts and initiate ambassador programs on university campuses. Furthermore, Squad.App's technological solution will streamline internal communication and chapter management processes for the Reach team across the nation, significantly enhancing the project's efficiency.

As a company, we are incredibly excited about our collaboration with Reach, and we firmly believe that such partnerships not only contribute to the development of our nation's student organizations but also serve as a potent driving force within the creator economy.

said Anthony Adamovich, CEO & Co-founder of Squad.App.

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