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JSAUX x Squad.App: Successfully Promoting Niche Tech Products among the Company’s Target Audience Worldwide

May 21, 2024
In SquadApp, we don’t stop in front of any cultural, logistics, or languages barriers because we believe in the enormous power of our tech solution and influencer marketing itself. That’s why when we signed a contract with JSAUX, a Chinese tech company, there were no doubts about exciting results coming. Currently, we’re doing a third campaign together. 


JSAUX is an electronics accessories supplier delivering power, data transit, audio/video connectivity, and productivity solutions to the market. They distributed their goods via cross-border e-commerce to more than 100 countries with over 20 million unique customers and more than 70 million dollars in annual sales revenue. They’re headquartered in China, but selling worldwide. 

Campaign goals

For our first campaign together JSAUX chose their FlipGo portable dual screen to be promoted. Our goal together was to reach the lowest CPM possible within a fixed campaign budget helping our client to both raise product awareness as well as drive sales. 

SquadApp Solution

To reach JSAUX's goal, we analyzed the market and their product competitors and suggested placing our advertising in Instagram Reels format. We chose content creators focused on tech, and made unpacking the main format of advertising. 

The tough question was tech-influencers pricing strategies. Due to its very niche-specific, many influencers wouldn’t fit the campaign budget. That’s where our negotiation skills arise. With the help of the SquadApp account management team, it was possible to reduce prices for some of the creators participating in a campaign so everything could fit the budget.

Key results

Our influencer strategy worked out great, and we were able to get a CPM of $32. The best CPC result among participating creators was $3, which met our lowest expectations of 100%.

All of the creators who participated in this campaign received dozens of comments about the product and link-in-bio clicks, and we definitely can say we got the results everyone expected. 

Currently, we’re releasing the third campaign together with JSAUX, and hoping for much more further collaboration.

"I really appreciate that SquadApp provided a dedicated Campaign Proposal to make everything clearer. The pitching of influencers was well-aligned with the types we discussed. Also, there's a good pool of influencer resources available.
– Dylan Han, JSAUX PR Manager

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