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Flowwow x Squad.App: Over 80% Increase in Views for Influencer Campaign During the UAE Holiday Season

March 13, 2024
At Squad.App, we specialize in working with influencers and content creators globally. With access to a database of over 60 million influencers, launching campaigns in Dubai, even when your brand is headquartered in the US or Europe, is no longer a challenge for us. That's why Flowwow, a global gifting marketplace, approached us to launch a campaign for the UAE National Day.

About Flowwow

Flowwow is a global marketplace connecting customers with 11,000 unique local florists, pastry shops, and craft brands, offering same-day delivery to thousands of customers worldwide. Initially launched in Eastern Europe, Flowwow has expanded its operations to cover the MENA region, South and Central Europe, and South America.

Campaign goals

Our objective with Flowwow was to enhance brand awareness and drive sales in the UAE during the National Day in December. Flowwow introduced a unique branded product specifically for the National Day – perfume set. Our aim was to achieve the lowest CPM possible within a fixed budget while acting as a liaison between the client and creators for swift perfumes delivery and timely releases.

Squad.App solution

As part of the campaign, perfume sets were sent to influencers to commemorate National Day, with each perfume dedicated to a specific emirate such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and others. Due to the product specificity and budget constraints, we advised Flowwow to target Instagram creators in the Beauty & Lifestyle niche.

Advertisements were strategically placed in Stories and Reels. We collaborated with influencers both on a paid basis and through a barter system.

In international campaigns, logistics often pose challenges. A slight delay in sending the perfumes occurred, necessitating influencers to create content swiftly, while our team had to coordinate efficiently. Fortunately, despite the delay, we managed to release advertising posts on time.

“All aspects that could be automated were tailored to suit our needs, and we greatly appreciated it
Irina, Head of SMM & Influencers at Flowwow

Key results

We surpassed the estimated number of views by over 82%, accumulating much more views for the campaign than it was expected by our client. Our total CPM reached $21, with the lowest CPM being $6. The highest ER during the campaign was 8.31%, while the total Reels ER stood at 4.61%.

As a significant bonus, influencers drove 715 account viewers to the brand's Instagram profile.

Flowwow expressed satisfaction with the campaign's outcomes, and we’re already working together on the new campaigns in Spain and Eastern Europe. 

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