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Life is Feudal x Squad.App: Achieving a 1M+ Campaign Views for a Sandbox MMORPG

May 22, 2024
At Squad.App, we thrive on tackling even the most challenging endeavors. For LTG and their game Life is Feudal, we executed a campaign that reached more than a million users, achieving the best CPA of $10. Here's how we did it.

About Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is a medieval massively multiplayer online sandbox RPG situated in a fictitious realm. Players have the opportunity to forge their own worlds, engage in construction, form alliances, and essentially establish their own rules. LTG published the game, and their team approached us to reinvigorate the marketing campaign for the game following a prolonged break. 

Campaign goals

The pivotal challenge of the campaign lay in the nature of the game itself – it's a hardcore realistic game for a specific target audience. Therefore, our primary task was to test a wide variety of campaign formats and influencers’ categories within the confines of a fixed budget, conduct thorough analytics of the results, and based on the insights gleaned, select the most cost-effective formats.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the client, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the game and the current market landscape including the key competitor’s analysis. That’s how our goal was to help our client relaunching the game using positive reviews from influencers, reaching out to as many audiences as possible in order to raise awareness about the revival of the game and, as a result, getting an influx of new users. The key metric of the campaign was to reach the cheapest CPA possible, where ‘Action’ stands for game downloads. 

Squad.App solution

We carefully curated our selection of creators, aiming to engage non-toxic influencers capable of genuinely appreciating the game and showcasing its merits.

Drawing from our client's past successful cases, we initially proposed leveraging YouTube integration formats. However, during the first iteration launch in October 2023, we realized that this format yielded unsatisfactory results concerning our KPIs: while YouTube integrations performed well in terms of CPM, they fell short in CPA.

At Squad.App, we're adept at swiftly reinventing our strategies. Hence, for the second iteration, we shifted our focus to dedicated videos on YouTube with usage rights and Twitch streams. Based on our experience, these formats demonstrate optimal effectiveness for complex games requiring deeper immersion than integration can provide. This strategic pivot ultimately delivered the desired results for all stakeholders involved.

Key results

During our multi-month campaign, we engaged with 23 creators on YouTube and Twitch, utilizing three advertising formats: YouTube integrations, YouTube dedicated videos with Usage rights, and Twitch streams. Each format provided valuable insights into user behavior, but the most cost-effective (CRA) turned out to be dedicated videos on YouTube. The YouTube dedicated videos also boasted the highest conversion rate (CR) of 9.33% throughout the campaign.

Despite Twitch streams having a higher cost per click (CPC) compared to YouTube dedicated videos, they yielded the best results in terms of click-through rate (CTR), achieving a notable 3.96%.

The highlight of the campaign was achieving a remarkable $10 cost per activation (CPA) and $14 cost per conversion (CPC) in one of the YouTube dedicated videos, executed by a microinfluencer we enlisted.

"The campaign was incredibly challenging because the game is highly realistic and hardcore with a specific target audience. We are pleased with the results achieved by the Squad.App team under such conditions."
– Ksenia, Chief Marketing Officer

The client's team is particularly pleased that dedicated videos on YouTube still continue to drive activations even after the campaign finished. We continue to work together.

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