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Influencer Marketing and Creator Economy Events 2024: from VidCon and SXSW to Cannes Lions

January 24, 2024

Creator economy is all about community and networking. To learn the best practises and improve your content constantly, you have to include must-visit conferences and events in your 2024 year schedule. We compiled the full list of events that worth your attention in this article. 

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Creator Economy Live. January 16-17, 2024. Las Vegas, California.

On January 16-17, hundreds of brands will come together in Las Vegas to learn what’s hot, what’s working, and how to deliver influencer ROI. 

From finding the right tools, to developing a strategy and measuring your campaign ROI, consider this your ultimate event on influencer marketing. 

With the creator economy estimated to generate over $22.3 billion in 2024, the impact of influencer marketing is stronger than ever. There are nine tracks to cover all levels of expertise and experience with the creator channel, so you can expect topics on Doing More with Less, Measurement & ROI, C-Suite Buy-In, Long-Term Partnerships & Relationship Building, Empowering Creators & Creator POV, Navigating Social Platforms, Future Tools & Trends, Content Strategy, Negotiating Creator Contracts & Pay. 

Visit Creator Economy Live 2024 website.

The 11th annual Social Media Marketing World. February 18-20, 2024. San Diego, California. 

Social Media Marketing World focuses on three most important topics:

  • Marketing strategy: Wondering what to do about AI? Are you looking for a master plan to guide your future marketing? Let the expert trainers show you different ways to achieve your objectives.
  • Organic social marketing: Covering Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and beyond, you'll improve your exposure, engagement, and sales.
  • Paid social marketing: Want to master paid acquisition from Facebook to YouTube? Let the expert trainers show you precisely how to capitalize on ads across all the major social platforms

This is the only large conference with a dedicated focus on organic social, paid social, and marketing strategy. You won't find this depth of training anywhere else.

Visit Social Media Marketing World 2024 website.

SXSW 2024 CONFERENCE. March 8-16 2024. Austin, Texas.

The SXSW Conference provides an opportunity for global professionals at every level to participate, network, and advance their careers. Explore all 24 tracks of programming across a variety of formats including Keynotes, Featured Speakers, panels, workshops, and more.

Featuring a variety of tracks that focus on the most important breakthroughs in:

  • technology
  • film
  • culture 
  • music

There are 24 Conference Tracks, Keynotes, Featured Speakers, Formats, and more. Over 450 sessions have been announced, with entries up 33% compared to last season! 

Conference programming offers a variety of formats to sharpen your career skills and network with creatives from around the world. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.

Visit SXSW 2024 website.

Alt Summit. March 17-20, 2024. Palm Springs, California. 

Alt Summit is the bedrock for aspiring (and successful) women entrepreneurs everywhere. The Alt Summit’s tagline is “elevating women’s voices” which they do through their endless week of panels, workshops, and keynote speakers. 

It is a conference. It is also a community. A community of thousands of women influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields. One week a year, they provide a physical gathering place for that community and then incredible things happen.

And did you know that 85% of Alt Summit attendees have come back more than once? Maybe even more compelling is the fact that many of the most successful people in our industry don’t like to miss a single Alt Summit.

Visit Alt Summit 2024 website.

The Information's 2024 Creator Economy Summit: A New Era. April 2, 2024. Los Angeles

The Information’s Creator Economy Summit will feature creators and the industry professionals that are leading the convergence in tech, entertainment and culture. It’s a pivotal moment for the hundreds of startups that have developed products aimed at these creators, too. After a surge in venture capital investments, startups are honing their focus to deliver the products creators really need and ditching the ones they don’t. Larger startups are on the prowl for acquisitions. And social networks are figuring out how to capitalize on the artificial intelligence breakthroughs that pose opportunity as well as risk for content creators.

Topics to include:

  • A New Frontier for Startups
  • Sports & The Creator Economy
  • Embracing AI
  • A Golden Age for Influencer Marketing
  • Commerce & Creator-Led Brands
  • Investing Lessons Learned

As the creator economy refashions itself again, Kaya Yurieff and other reporters from The Information will dive deep into the topics that will set the agenda in 2024. The Summit will feature exclusive fireside chats, topical breakout sessions and lively panel discussions. Attendees will mingle and learn from the most followed influencers, entrepreneurs and technology leaders, with plenty of time for live Q&A and networking.

Visit The Information's 2024 Creator Economy Summit: A New Era website

Content Entrepreneur Expo. May 5-7, 2024. Cleveland, Ohio.  

Bloggers, podcasters, authors, newsletter writers, speakers, coaches and consultants, freelancers, and YouTubers will meet at the learning and networking event for content entrepreneurs.

The topics of the event include:

  • Building your revenue and audience without relying on Big Tech
  • Learning how to use AI to not only survive, but thrive
  • Growing faster by meeting and partnering with other content entrepreneurs

CEX Creator Economy Expo is all about content creation. You can learn directly from over 40 peers in the field who know their stuff, gaining insights and strategies to grow your content business. But it's more than that; it's a community where you can connect with others who share your challenges and goals. 

Visit CEX 2024 website.

Cannes Lions. June 17-21, 2024. Cannes, France.

Held annually in Cannes, France, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is home to the world's most prestigious advertising awards. Celebrating creativity, effectiveness and innovation in the global advertising, marketing and communication industries.

At Cannes Lions, the advertising and communications industry meets to celebrate the world's best work. Insight from iconic thought leaders, ideas from the world's most innovative companies, and inspiration from every corner of the creative marketing community come together at the Festival – for a week of world-class networking, learning, and history-making creativity.

Visit Cannes Lions 2024 website.

VIDCON. June 26-29, 2024. Anaheim, California.

Gaming companies are showing off new products at VidCon 2023 | VentureBeat

From Anaheim to Mexico City to Baltimore and beyond, VidCon is a destination for all who dwell in the community of digital creators.

If you love digital content, you’re not alone. Like, really not alone. There are literally millions of people creating content, promoting digital culture, and thinking about the future of the digital media industry. VidCon is about to connect all of them!

  • COMMUNITY TRACK. VidCon’s Community Track is for fans of digital content, the creators, and the culture. 
  • CREATOR TRACK. VidCon’s Creator Track brings together a constellation of industry forces: creator-to-creator, creator-to-fan, fan-to-fan, and more. It’s the spot for aspiring creators looking to learn more about how to build their brand online.
  • INDUSTRY TRACK. VidCon’s Industry Track is the one place in the world where digital creators, fans, and the digital media industry converge in real time to chart the future of digital content. Best practices, cautionary tales, and a wealth of insight on where we are and where we’re going from the very best in the business.

VidCon is where everyone involved in that online magic comes together, in real life and in real time. The creators, the fans, the brands, all of us in one place — sometimes gathering in-person in cities all over the world, and sometimes connecting virtually. The event primarily features prominent video stars from across the internet.

Visit VidCon 2024 website.

VidSummit. September 3-5, 2024. Dallas, Texas

VidSummit is for Video Creators and Influencers, Marketers, Agencies and Brands involved in the Content Creation Process. 

You will find workshops like:

  • Making Millions Without Spending Millions: My Secret To 6 Billion Views
  • The Future of YouTube & AI
  • 4 Secrets To Writing Great Video Scripts
  • Turning Passion into Profit Off YouTube
  • YouTube Strategy: Lessons from 10 Billion Views
  • Sponsorship Upselling: How to Get Paid 10X as much on Brand Deals without 10X the Work
  • From Static to Dynamic: Boosting Your YouTube Channel with Live Streams from Pre-recorded Videos
  • Capitalizing on Curiosity: Turning Questions into Opportunities

VidSummit is not a place where influencers connect with their fans. Instead, VidSummit is where you become an industry insider. Without the fans at the event, influencers share the truth of what they do - the truth they would never share online. In other words, VidSummit is the only event where dozens of the top 1% of influencers show you how to get fans fast, build a brand, and make millions from your content.

Visit VidSummit 2024 website.

Content Marketing World. October 21-23, 2024. San Diego, California.

With over 150 expert speakers, here you can activate strategies and gain tools to advance your future.

Content Marketing World is produced by the Content Marketing Institute and brings together marketing leaders, content creators, communications experts, agencies, and creative professionals from around the world. The event includes many workshops, keynotes, and masterclasses, as well as party and networking sessions.

Visit Content Marketing World 2024 website.

FinCon24. October 23-26, 2024. Atlanta, Georgia.

There's nowhere else you can be among 2,000+ other Money Nerds who get you, your work, and your passion for Personal Finance! The schedule of the event is full with opportunities to make new connections and revisit old ones.

FinCon's goal is to help you create better content, grow your audience, and monetize your work as a finance content creator. You'll learn actionable steps and discover new tools.

Thought the event is mainly focused on finances, there’s going to be a lot to know for influencers, marketing managers, and CMOs, including peer-led sessions in tracks such as Podcasting, Blogging, Video, Revenue Streams, Advisors, Social Media & more!

Visit FinCon 2024 website.

Wanna have a full list of the creator economy events 2024 made in one beautiful poster? Download PDF for FREE below!
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